When do you start setting up?
I usually start setting up the display in the middle of September.

How long does it take to setup the display?
From the middle of September, when I start working on them, to the beginning of December when we turn the lights on.

When is the display turned on?
We aim for December 1st, however sometimes it could be a day or two later depending on the circumstances.

How much is your electric bill?
Running the lights costs me about an extra $200 for the month of December.

What kind of lights are used?
There are LED’s, icicle lights, strobe lights, rope lights, and C9 lights.

Who pays for all of this?
We cover the entire cost of running the show.

Do you collect money for donations?
Yes. We collect money for the Georgetown Hospital Foundation.

How do I donate?
Once the lights are turned on in December there is a charity box at the end of the driveway where donations can be left.

Why do you do this?
I see how happy it makes people, and now it has become an important fundraiser for our community hospital.

Who designed the display?
I (Darryl) designed the entire display.

What makes the lights flash?
Each string of lights in connected to a controller, and is told what to do by the computer software.

What is a channel?
A channel is a single output from a computer that switches a set of lights on and off.

How many channels control the display?
There are 230 channels controlling the display this year.

How is it automated?
A program on the computer tells the display when to start and stop and also controls the light show.

How long does it take to program?
It takes about 40 hours of programming for 1 1/2 minutes of music.

What software do you use?
We run Light-o-Rama software to control the light sequences.

Where do you buy your lights and supplies?
I find the cheapest way to build your light show is by purchasing lights for the following year during boxing day/boxing week sales after Christmas is actually over.

How did you get started?
About 15 years ago Kathy asked me to put up our four strings of lights for the kids. It just grew from there to what you see today.